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Skip has taken time out in the close season to write bio's for all GWCC players. Please refer to Big Jim for any factual inconsistencies, libelous remarks or statistical anomalies :-)  


Jim Cooper (capt)

aka Skip, Jimmy Swann, Jimbo, Big Jim, The Wall, Coops, Hernia B*llock

Highest score: 63*
Best bowling: 5-59
Most runs in season: 370
Most Wickets in season: 33

Cricket hero: Andrew Flintoff (was Nasser until he told me to F*** off as an 8 year old!)

Music: Oasis, Arctic Monkeys

Jim has been at the club since 2000 where he played in the youth teams, with a number of other players in the current squad. Jim is a batsman who can bat anywhere in the top order and won Player's Player in 2010. He is an aggressive batsman who will look to get after the bowler. He looks really good for 20 odd before he will top edge one and is back in the hutch! Last season the skipper didn’t reach the heights and the standards he set in previous years at the club, but he will be working harder then ever to get back there. Jim can hold his own with the ball and was the clubs leading wicket taker 2009 with 33 wickets. He bowls good line and length and can get the ball to swing away (when he is not bowling his famous Bournemouth ball). In the field not many better, taking some brilliant catches. The best of the lot was the catch at first slip at Marconi!

Mike Walker

aka Magic, Jonty, The Northern Jew, Monty Burns

Highest score ?
Most runs in season ?

Magic has been at Wakering since he moved to Wakering many moons ago. He is a top order batsman and is also one of the senior pro's at the club. Magic is a left hand bat and when he has got his eye in he will not miss out on anything loose, also his bat has more tape then a ticker tape parade. He used to turn his arm over to good effect and was used often but since that over at Boreham he hasn't bowled a ball since. In the field, Magic can only be compared to a blind Jonty Rhodes if he sees the thing than he will take the catch more often then not though when he doesn't and then will blame it on Nod or anyone near him. Magic is also well known for triggering his team mates (along with Graeme and Oli).

Phil Adcock

aka Noddy, Hand of Nod

Highest score 112
Most runs in season 652

Cricket hero: Ken McEwan

Music: Bruce Springsteen

Nod has been at Wakering for 24 years and has seen a lot of changes. He has played at 3 different grounds included the Rec, Cupids and our current ground at the school. Nod has played a massive part in club including playing in nearly all divisions up to Div 1 where Wakering finished 3rd. He has made as much of impact off the pitch as on it, with laying the wicket at current ground and groundsman since 1996 until present. Nod also deals with club accounts and obviously the Adcock family supply our amazing teas for home games. Nod is a top order batsman who plays to his strengths, he likes the ball coming on and uses pace well. Noddy finished the 2011 season with the highest average and would have pushed Mike for leading run scorer if it wasn't for a badly cut eye against Terling away. Nod will keep wicket if Short Man is away and always does and excellent job.

Will Simpson

aka George Best, Chris Gayle

Highest score: 202*
Most runs in season: 582

Cricket hero: Graham Gooch

Music: Foos, Arcade Fire, Muse

Will has been at the club since 2009 when the club re-joined the league and was leading run scorer 2009, 2010 and 2012. Will is an opening batsmen and is very similar to Chris Gayle, in more ways than one! Will's aggressive style has been key to good starts over the 4 years he has been at the club. Will has hit 7 hundreds and 11 fifties, including a club record of 202 not out, with the second 100 coming in 35 balls! He is also an important member of the team in the field with his energy and good hands.

Clive Short

aka Shorty, Alan Moody, Short Man

Highest score 104*
Most runs in season: 357

Cricket hero: Bill and Andy Pirie

Shorty has been at the club since 1992, and this season in his 20th year at the club. Shorty was Dummy of the Year winner 2010 and Dummy of the Year 2nd runner up in 2011. Shorty is an opening bat who likes to build an innings and lets others bat around him. Shorty’s favourite shot is the cover drive (calm down Alan Moody). Last season Shorty doubled his tally of 6's as he 2 6's in one innings away at Boreham. Shorty is also a very good wicketkeeper and very rarely does he miss an opportunity. Plus he has brought the gimp mask into fashion.

Anthony Cooper

aka Ant, Quicksand, High Tower,

Highest score: 41

Cricket here: Freddie and Warne

Music: Eninem and Swedish House Mafia

Ant is the youngest member of the squad at 17, he joined us last season from local club Rankins and has slotted right in. Ant is a batsman, he likes to play himself in and will bat at his own pace. In his first game when others were falling around him he batted through to 20 odd and was very unlucky to be out. In the last game he scored 18 but again he batted well after we lost a flurry of wickets and pushed the ball around for 1's and gave the strike to Pommie who was putting it to all parts. One thing has to be said when running between the wickets he looks like he is running in quicksand. In the field it’s an odd one, his ground fielding is excellent but when catch heads towards him I am left fearing the worst LOL.

Mike Worfold

aka Mikey, Barclays, One Shot

Highest score 120*
Most runs in season 583

Cricket hero: Magic Walker

Music: The Beautiful South

Mike is another of the senior pro's in the club. Mike has been at the club again for many moons. Mike is a top order batsman, who takes his time to get going but when he does there’s not many better to watch. Last season he was the leading run scorer with the vast majority of his runs coming at home, not sure on the exact figures but his season average was 37.58 but his home average would be up around 60 but away your looking about 18. Last season Mike also took over the senior spin options form Magic, bowling the last over in the draw against Pegs. Mike was in the office for most of the season with not one chance. As soon as he came out of there, the chances started coming.

David Boardman

aka Boycott, Rocky, A Pint of What u Looking at!


Highest score 44
Bowling figures ?
Most runs in season ?
Most Wickets in season ?

Dave has been with the club since 2010 and has settled right in. Dave was runner up in Dummy of the Year in 2011. Dave is a flexible team player who can either bat at the top of the innings and look to bat through, allowing others to play around him or he can come in low down when there has been a flurry of wickets and steady the ship. Dave is also a very good fielder and has a safe pair of hands. Dave also loves to be triggered at every opportunity by his team mates.

Dan Deadman

aka Pom Bear, Pommie, Suarez, Pommeranian

Highest score: 57*
Bowling figures: 7-22
Most Wickets in season: 46

Cricket hero: Freddie and Brett Lee

Music: Calvin Harris

Pommie started off at Wakering and played for the club until he was 15 before moving on to another club due to chances at men cricket were limited. In 2010 Pommie returned to Wakering, after a slow start his form picked up and be one of the first names on the team sheet and won Skipper's Player of the Year 2010. Dan is a spin bowler; he bowls with control and can keep it tight but also gives himself plenty of opportunities to take wickets. Dan also is a more then capable batsman; he showed that this season with some important innings coming in at 8 or 9. Dan finished the season with his highest score of 57* when we needed it most.

Carl Sutton

aka Sash, Sashminder, Saskia, Mitchell Johnson, The Human Sperm, Mind, Mindy, Minda


Bowling figures ?
Most Wickets in season ?

Sash has been with the club since he started playing cricket when he was 9. Sash has always been a Wakering boy, playing in youth teams that got to area final and also the county final only just missing out to a Harlow side with 4 or 5 Essex players. Sash is a left arm bowler who can swing the ball away from the right hander and in to the lefty. When Sash is on his day he will cause many a batsman problems. Sash is no mug with the bat and his trademark shot is a straight 6 back over the bowlers head. He has contributed a few important innings this season most notably away to Terling with side in trouble he came in and smashed the ball all round the ground putting on a 60 odd partnership to get us to defendable score. He is excellent fielder he showed that in the last game taking a excellent catch at first slip diving low to his right.

Karl Poxon

aka Matty Haynes, Pox

Bowling figures: 5-25
Most Wickets in season: 34?

Cricket hero: Noddy

Music: Spice Girls

Poxon has been with the club since he started playing cricket although has had times when he didn't play. In 2009 Pox played a few games, he would mainly bat and had a few good innings. Last season we were short of bowlers, and I threw Poxon the ball and he has not looked back since then. Poxon is by the far the fastest bowler I have seen in the last 2 seasons, he bowls with pace and aggression with no better example then at home against the league leaders Marconi where he opened the bowling with a spell of 10 over's taking 4 wickets for just 8 runs including 9 maidens. He ripped there top order apart dismissing 4 of the top 5. Poxon also is excellent fielder in the outfield using his pace and long throw. Poxon also scored some important runs towards the end of season.

Graeme Overall

aka Lad, Mayo Dodger, No Mayo, Peter Andre, G-Man

Highest score: 96*

Cricket hero: Jacques Kallis

Music: Johnny Cash

Lad played for the club as a youngster until he was 15 and then stopped playing cricket all together until 2010 where he played in a few games towards the end of season. The 2011 season was his first whole season back, he had 2 particular innings that stood out both against Rayleigh where he first scored 57 not out at home. The second was the best innings as we were chasing 220 on a wicket which was bowler friendly, under pressure he batted through and scored and unbeaten 96 to win us the game. He has an aggressive style and likes to get after the bowler and the faster the better. He is no mug with the ball and is used sometimes when we are short of bowling or we need to try something different.

David Lagden

aka Lago, Big Foot, Laggie

Highest score:

Cricket hero:


Lago has rejoined the club for a second time. Lago is batsman that is solid in defence and will not give his wicket away. He loves the coverdrive and the famous Laggie Dab! He is a good slip fielder and a good team player. He will add experience to the middle order and offer good advice when we are in the field.

Adam Mayhew

aka Mole, Billy Elliot, Moley

Highest score: 74
Best bowling: 5-12
Most runs in season: 527

Cricket hero: Darren Gough

Music: Oasis, Fall Out Boy & Green Day

Mole has joined the club this season from Rankins. He will add balance to the side as he is a good all-round cricketer. Mole has started the season opening the bowling and has had a great start being very economical and building pressure for others to take wickets. He is just as good with the bat and when given the chance I am sure he will show everyone what he can do.

Jeff Lawrence

aka Jazzy, William Hill, Crettin

Jeff, again same as Laggie, has re-joined the club for a second time and another recruit from Rankins. Jeff is opening bowler who will keeps very tight and will pick up wickets along the way. He can swing the ball both ways and will be very important to our bowling attack adding some experience to what we have already. Jeff is a very capable lower order batsman and as he is quick to point out he has a league ton!

Oli Wiggins

aka Tresco, Oli B*llock, Marcus, Mellon Stacker


Bowling figures 5-30
Most Wickets in season 20

Oli played for the club as a youngster before moving on at the age of 15. Last season Oli returned to Wakering, despite suffering a couple of injuries he become part of one the best opening attacks in the league. Oli bowls with pace and puts It in the right place to pick up wickets. 2 of his best spells came against Terling where he picked up 3 wickets dismissing the dangerous opener and then also a great spell against Pegasus in the last came where he picked up 4 wickets and tore through the lower order to put us in a certain winning position. Oli is without a doubt the most depressing member of the club. lol. Nicknamed Trescothick in 2010 for his unhappiness in playing away matches LOL

Mark Ross

aka Bundy, Moaty, Teddy, Raul, Bundos


Highest score 102
Bowling figures 5 for ?

Rossi has been with the club since 1999 and has played at every age group. Rossi is mainly a bowler and although last season was disappointing he had 2 very good seasons previous. He puts the ball up there and when in mood Rossi can cause batsman troubles. Taking over 40 wickets 2 seasons in a row Rossi will be looking to regain that the form and confidence to get back to the old Rossi we all know. Rossi is no mug with the bat, he is an aggressive batsman he will punish any bad bowling. He has a hundred to his name and in the 2010 season scored three 50's and finished with an average of over 35. Again in 2011 he didn't reach those heights but I know he will be working hard to correct that this year. Rossi is an excellent fielder and if presented with a chance he will take it. He loves fielding in close especially when Uncle Clive lets him wear the gimp mask.

Adam Adkins

aka Ads, Athers, David James


Highest score ?
Bowling figures ?
Most runs in season ?
Most Wickets in season ?

Adam is a Wakering boy, who played a few a games for the club here and there before 2009. In 2009 Adam started to play regular and soon became an important member of team. Adam won Skippers Player of the Year in 2009. Adam is a bowler who balls line and length and will get the ball to swing away. He is usually used first or second change and looks to tie the batsman down and wait for them to make a mistake. He took over 30 wickets in his second season picking up the leading wicket taker award for 2010. Ads is the clubs official number 11 but his highlights with the bat were the straight 6 against Eastwood and the winning runs against Havering to all but secure promotion. Adam was not able to play as much last season due to the birth of his second son, but still showed commitment to the club by playing away at Marconi even though his missus was due to give birth that day! That sums Adam up a true team player and he will be welcomed back into the dressing room with open arms.

Chris Shelley

aka Shells


Highest score ?
Most runs in season ?


Chris used to play for the club a few years ago and helped lay the wicket over the school and was on hand to help with the pitch too. Last season Chris got the call against league leaders Marconi as we were short, in his first game back in a fair old few years he was in the office at second slip. Poxon was steaming in and bowling with pace and their best batsman was in all sorts of trouble. He managed to get an edge which flew towards the slips and Chris, one-handed, plucked the ball out the air for one of the best catches I have seen. Chris was also skipper of one of T20 sides at the end of last season, scoring a well made 24 to show he hasn't lost it with the bat.

Deepal Morawaka

aka The Colonel, Deeps


Highest score ?
Bowling figures 6-23
Most runs in season ?
Most Wickets in season 40

Deeps has played for Wakering since he moved to England from Sri Lanka in 2007. Deeps was our overseas played until last year when he became a British citizen LOL. Deeps was leading wicket taker in 2011 with 40 wickets at 14 rpw. Deeps is your “go to” bowler after your openers, he is on the spot every ball and with his skiddy action he causes batsman problems. He took a club record (since 2009) 40 wickets in a season and I think he had about 12 catches put down so it could have been even better. In the field he has taken some great catches this season as well. When Deeps has the willow in his hand he is thinking of clearing the ropes before anything else. Deeps is also the 50p man. lol

Andy Piri


Highest score ?
Bowling figures ?
Most runs in season ?
Most Wickets in season ?

AP has been at the club since 1991, and has skippered the side for several seasons. He is one of the senior players in the side. AP is a good, quick bowler who is fairly hostile and bowls good line and lengths. He plays when he can due to family commitments and didn't play too much last season, but the season before he played a few games and picked up important wickets. He can bat as well and will put away anything loose to the boundary. He is a so a good close field not often missing any chances, plus he loves a mistaken call from Skipper just after getting to sleep at 1 in the morning. Lol.




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