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T20 Rules for Saturday 10th September 2011
1)      Batsmen retire at 25, but can return if the team is bowled out.
2)      For the sake of time (and pride), wides and no balls are not re-bowled, they simply attract a score of 2 runs each.
3)      However, if a front foot no ball (*cough* Sash) is bowled, the following delivery is a free hit. If it is the end of the over it carries to the next bowler.
4)      Each bowler bowls a maximum of 3 overs. 

5)      Every player must bowl at least 1 over.

6)      The use of beer for refreshment, marking field positions and run ups is highly recommended.


The first draw will be choosing pot 1, 2, or 3 as the captain pot which will be the first pot we pick players from. The first 2 names drawn will be the team captains.

Players are then drawn from each pot (2 at a time) one for each team until they are no names remaining.

POT 1                      POT 2                         POT 3
Batsmen                Bowlers                     All-rounders
Ant                           Adam A                       Box
Chris Shelly             Deeps                         Dave
Mike W                    Oli                                Jim
Noddy                      Poxon                          Mole
Shorty                       Robbo                         Pommie
Will                            Sutton                          Ross


Fines will be collected and put into the drinks whip at the Exi. Fines will be levied for the following infringements:

1.        Ducks and golden ducks.
2.        Dropped catches.
3.        Mis-fields.
4.        Anything else the Fines Master deems appropriate. 

The standard fine will be £1.00. However, this is at the Fines Master’s discretion and can be increased or reduced accordingly. 

Arguing with/questioning the Fines Master will always result in the fine being doubled!!



Great Wakering Primary School,
High Street,
Great Wakering,
SS3 0EJ (click for Google maps)

Photos for the website
Please send any cricket club photos you have to the usual email address. We're in need of photos from previous games, any previous awards ceremonies or even from nights in the Exy!

Everyone has a camera on their phone, let's make sure we take plenty of snaps this year for possible inclusion on the site.

Summer Tour 2015
To be confirmed.

Code of Conduct
Details to follow.


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